• 11/16/2005
    9:41 PM
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IP.4.IT Special Coverage: The "Google-ization" of IT

Is your IT department ready to roll out flexible services built on top of an open, IP-based architecture? It better be, say tech leaders at this week's IP.4.IT show, pointing
From the kick-off, the spotlight was on the next wave of big-picture changes that are collecting to transform enterprise IT, much in the same way the Internet and Web brought new capabilities--and possibilities--to IT a decade before.

Opening keynote speaker, consultant and author Paul Strassman (when he wasn't reality-checking the enterprise-centric audience with tales of attacks on a DNS root server he was once tasked with overseeing) urged attendees to dive headlong into today's new world in which "computer-centric solutions are being replaced by network-centric services."

Although Google gets a lot of attention for its search algorithms and bushels-of-cash advertising-based business model, Strassman pointed to the company as the world's first mega-scale example of a true distributed, service-oriented network architecture based on easy-to-understand, published interface standards.

He Said It: "Right now, the Internet is less

secure than riding a Hyundai through Fallujah."

- Computer Consultant Paul Strassman, at IP.4.IT

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