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Interview: Cerf Discusses His Jump To Google

Vinton Cerf, often called the "father of the Internet," sees a growing need for innovation in software that can find creative uses for the sea of data flowing into the Internet each day.

As a result, the 62-year-old co-developer of the TCP/IP protocol that made it possible for computers to interact on the Internet said he was drawn to the work at search-engine giant Google Inc., which announced Thursday that it had hired Cerf as "chief Internet evangelist." Cerf is scheduled to start work Oct. 3.

"This is a place that's just full of creative energy, and I like places like that," Cerf said.

Google is not only looking to help organize the massive amounts of digitized information getting connected to the Internet, but it is also extending its footprint to devices connected to the web, Cerf said. As an example, he pointed to the Mountain View, Calif., company's desktop-search application, which also connects the user to its Internet services.

"I see Google creating information infrastructure, literally, as it goes about adding applications to the things it can do. And that's what exciting, because that information infrastructure has all kind of possibilities," Cerf said.

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