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Interop Preview: Chief Security Officer Boot Camp

Would you like to become a chief security officer someday?

If so, there are some steps you should be taking right now to make that happen, said John P. Pironti, chief information risk strategist at Getronics, and the head of the CSO Boot Camp at Interop in Las Vegas. While the conference runs Sunday, May 20, to Friday, May 25, the CSO Boot Camp is being held Sunday and Monday only.

The first generation of CSOs was largely made up of high-tech professionals who knew the threats, the networks, and the technology. That first wave of CSOs is being overtaken now by the more business-focused second wave. That means any techies who want to get into those CSO positions had better understand budgets and the politics of business as well as they understand the most complicated of infrastructures.

"Today, a lot of CSOs are coming up from a business background and they appreciate technology," said Pironti in an interview with InformationWeek. "It's definitely going to be harder [for someone with a technical background], but we're helping them bridge that gap at boot camp. We want them to understand the business issues as well as the technical issues."

Pironti said the boot camp is for both the CSO wannabe and for those who already are in the position but want to bone up on their skills.

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