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Intel Adds More 64-Bit Developer Tools

Virtually all computing systems are now moving to 64-bit capabilities, and Intel on Monday introduced software tools to help developers design and optimize applications to run on its latest Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T).

Similar products have been available for Intel's 64-bit Itanium 2 processor line, but the new products will support the 64-bit extensions now offered with its x86-based Xeon and Pentium lines of processors.

"Developers understand that turning 32-bit code into 64-bit code is not easy, regardless of whether an Intel platform or competitive component is being used," said Jonathan Khazam, general manager of Intel's software products division in a statement. The tools for Intel EM64T are designed to make that job easier, and also to improve application performance, he said.

The products include compliers, integrated performance primitives, performance analyzers, and a math kernel library, and are compatible with leading development environments, according to Intel.

Available now, Intel Complier, version 8.1, costs $399 for C++ for Windows, $399 for C++ for Linux, $1,399 for Visual Fortran for Windows Professional Edition, $499 for Visual Fortran for Windows Standard Edition, and $699 for Visual Fortran for Linux. The Integrated Performance Primitives and the Math Kernel Library are $199 and $399, respectively. The VTune Performance Analyzers with support for EM64T will be available later this year for $699.