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Infoblox Debuts Network Control Authentication App

Infoblox Inc. has announced a new network access control application that authenticates users before they are assigned an IP address and granted network access.

Designed as an enhancement to Infoblox's DNSone module, Authenticated DHCP allows network administrators immediately and easily deploy a network access solution without having to invest in Cisco's Network Admission Control (NAC) and Microsoft's Network Access Protection (NAP), or wait for ratification of pending 802.1x standards. It features a customizable web portal to register unknown users and grant access to only valid devices and users.

The application quarantines users when they connect to the local area network (LAN) or wireless LAN, requiring them to authenticate their identities before they are granted IP addresses and network access. Authenticated DHCP sends authentication requests to an e-mail, lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) or FTP server, and the application can be set up to automatically update the Infoblox appliance's database of validated MAC addresses.

"Vital network identity services such as IP address assignment, which is the initial step in gaining network access, represents the first line of defense in any network security strategy," Infoblox vice president of marketing Richard Kagan said in a statement. "Infoblox recognizes the criticality of these services and has designed its appliance-based solutions, with the Infoblox DNSone module and Authenticated DHCP application, to deliver nonstop services that improve network availability and increase overall security."