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Inexpensive Low-End Switches


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How We Tested

Our tests were straightforward: We unboxed the gear and included sundries, set the base IP over a serial connection to the console port (one contender didn't have a management port), connected a test workstation, and ran the Web interfaces through the ringer over Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers to set up virtual LANs, review port status and activate SNMP monitoring. We tested uplinks where available, and all units connected to our core switch with no problems.

We used Dartware's InterMapper to test SNMP probes with consistent results in compatibility (support of SNMP1 and SNMPv2c) and reporting of interface traffic, statistics and switch description. Our testing relied on SNMP get requests and queried the ifNumber value of the MIB 2 subset to report the number of interfaces on the switch. We also ran a full snmpwalk from a BSD Unix client to check out the information offered. Among the participants, only one switch--Netgear's FS526T--doesn't support SNMP.

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