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Improving the IT Industry's Linguistics

No Lo Comprendo

Despite the IT industry's linguistic enlightenment, not every vendor has come around. A few weeks ago, Network Computing senior technology editor Lori MacVittie was asked to participate in a workshop run by a company we'll call Acme Technology. Her role would be to cut through the marketspeak put out by the vendors attending the meeting--function as the meeting's very own Bullfighter.

Acme, heal thyself! The following passage was taken from the company's home page:

For nearly a decade, [Acme] has demonstrated its differentiated leadership position and value proposition as an agile and responsive organization. Unique to our formation is the ability to marshal superior technical acumen, business leadership and program management in a flexible and scalable fashion. [Acme's] consistent application of mature management and repeatable engineering processes, accompanied by hand-selected technical leadership and senior experienced engineering staff, aligns our organization to deliver low-risk solutions that yield measurable results with lucid, innovative outcomes and tangible performance metrics.

Did you say lucid?

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