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Immersed in a SOAP and Ajax Solution

Welcome to NWC's SOA Immersion Center. Here, we'll be analyzing
news, technology and products that affect one of the most misunderstood areas in IT. Though we'll look at application integration in general, we have a particular emphasis on Web services and similar messaging

This site will also explore other issues that affect SOA,
including the role of the network and of IT itself. It will even
touch on Web 2.0, as Web services and SOA account for much of the
infrastructure behind rich Internet applications, and new
technologies such as enterprise
claim to provide many of the same benefits as SOA. And
we'll try to answer questions including:

  • Which products do you really need? SOA vendors are quickly
    buying each other up, in a market where there was already a
    lot of overlap
    between categories like management, governance,
    security and ESB. Some will fade away altogether, while others
    become ubiquitous.

  • What's the relationship between SOA and Web 2.0? Network
    surveys show that they are perhaps the two most

    in IT, but they have more in common that that. Are they
    complementary or competitive?

  • What kinds of building blocks will future composite
    applications be constructed from? Initiatives like services
    component architecture
    aim to do something like SOA within
    applications, while virtualization
    makes servers themselves more flexible. Can some server functions
    better be handled by
    or even in

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