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I'm Making A List, Checking It Twice

Dear Santa,
I've been exceptionally good this year. I haven't stolen. I've done my homework. I've even been a dutiful husband!
Yes, this year I've been exceptional! So, Santa, since I've been so good, how 'bout I give you my holiday shopping list?

First, you might want to check out the cool stuff mentioned in this article, "Hot Technologies For 2005 On The Front Line." In addition, I'd like the latest, greatest handheld PDA, like the Blackberry and the Palm combined, with the best elements of not only each, but also of some of the other PDA's on the market We could call it the "BlackHand."
While we're talking about the Blackberry, Santa, why is the new model called a Blackberry, when its blue? (Kids ask the darnedest things, don't they?)

I want the latest and greatest desktop computer that includes the best elements of UNIX/LINUX and Windows (Listen. Can you hear the cry of a million faithful choking at that thought?).

And while you're at it, Santa, can I get an Internet connection that doesn't fade and is soooo fast, as to keep up with my new faster-than-life computer you're sending me?
And Santa, I don't want to sound piggish, but I need that new ultra-small digital camera. And let's not forget a bunch of software, too.

Santa, while I was re-reading my list, I felt ashamed that I was asking so much. Maybe, instead, can you make sure our men and women of our Armed Forces come home real soon instead?

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