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IBM Rational Shows Off New Programming Direction With Atlantic

IBM Rational gave developers a peek at the next version of its tools portfolio at the Rational Software Development User Conference in Dallas Monday.

The next version of the IBM Software Development Platform, code-named Atlantic, will be available before the end of the year, said Mike Devlin, general manager of IBM Rational, in a press conference following his opening keynote.

Devlin did not mention Atlantic during his speech, which lacked actual news content and was more a summation of where IBM Rational has been focused in the context of parent company IBM's on-demand strategy. However, Lee Nackman, IBM Rational CTO, gave a demo of Atlantic during the morning keynote, though he was vague on details.

A press release and comments made during a post-keynote press conference shed more light on Atlantic. During his keynote, Devlin said IBM Rational is focused on creating a unifying tools platform based on open standards such as Java, Web services and--perhaps most importantly--the Eclipse open-source framework, which provides comprehensive capabilities for three main aspects of development: discover, develop and deploy.

"The basic idea is a unifying platform, with tools to help the whole team work together, even if the team is distributed [geographically] with different skills," Devlin said. "We offer a set of role-specific capabilities that help individuals whether they are an analyst, developer or tester, and keep them together in a way that they can work as a team."

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