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IBM Posts 'Stinger' DB2 Beta

On Monday, IBM will post a beta of its next DB2 database, code-named Stinger.

The new release will incorporate LEO query optimization capabilities from IBM Research as well as automatic partitioning help.

"LEO dynamically looks at [query] results and how the query interacts with the data, learning from each interaction, so next time queries will run faster," said Bob Picciano, vice president of database technologies for IBM Software.(For more on LEO, see related story.)

Other "autonomic" features let the database perform and adjust its own maintenance cycles. "All of the utilities can be throttled back, so if they're running during a peak workload, they can be throttled down so they won't compete with the workload itself [for resources]," Picciano told CRN.

The beta cycle is expected to last six to nine months. The current DB2 version 8.1 shipped in November 2002.

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