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HP: IT Pros Should Prevent Problems, Not Fix Them

IT professionals had better prepare to adapt to new realities of a changing environment where success is measured by the ability to innovate, and not by being able to solve problems as they arise, Hewlett-Packard's top software executive told attendees at its Software Forum in Montreal on Monday.

"We have to get away from IT hero worship," says Nora Denzel, senior VP and general manger of HP's Adaptive Enterprise and Software Global Business Unit. "You're going to be rewarded going forward not for putting out fires, but for preventing those fires in the first place. Things change and we need to be ready."

Denzel said that while the totally ubiquitous global grid may be as much 10 years down the road, the next three to five years will be critical for companies to begin establishing their own internal grids and creating automated management of IT resources.

"Management is moving front and center to become the key," Denzel says. "Vertical IT stacks are going the way of the dinosaur--we now have to be prepared to manage technology at the pace it's changing."

IT infrastructure and management needs to be established along a horizontal structure where as business needs change, it automatically triggers a series of IT events that can adapt to the new realities, she says.

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