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How to Transition to DevOps in Less Than 30 Days

Lifting a DevOps initiative off the ground in only a month may sound like a tall order, but a growing number of organizations are beginning to appreciate the focus, responsiveness and flexibility a rapid rollout can provide. "In today’s connected world, speed and time to market are existential concerns for businesses," observed Miha Kralj, global lead for cloud strategy and architecture at consulting firm Accenture Technology.

(Image: Pixabay)

Thirty days is plenty of time to create a basic DevOps pipeline, as long as you stay focused, noted Nate Berent-Spillson, senior delivery director for IT service management firm Nexient. "Your goal should be to automate a process that takes code from your repository through compilation, testing and deployment, and notifies stakeholders that the process is complete," he explained.

Organizations decide to launch a rapid DevOps deployment for a variety of reasons, including meeting the development needs of a new product launch, said Tim Stone director of operations for Prime TSR, a technology modernization consulting firm. "They may also feel the need for this approach to counter the loss of a key employee who took all of the tribal knowledge of a specific release with them," he added.

A rapidly growing number of enterprises are in the midst of, or planning for, a digital transformation, which is no small undertaking, Kralj said. "Adoption of DevOps can accelerate a company’s digital transformation, enabling it to respond more quickly to changing market conditions and new business opportunities," he noted. "The faster the DevOps launch, the more rapidly the benefits are realized, initially in the IT organization and soon thereafter in the business."

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