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Heading Off A Post-Disaster Disaster

Being prepared for a technological disaster is critical, but companies also must consider what they must do after the crisis has passed, when they must get back to business as usual.

Once a day, most companies use tape to back up important data and think the job is done. Unfortunately, after a disaster occurs, other potential problems could add to the nightmare: Not knowing what data needs to be restored; the task of getting crucial data off the storage media, and losing time trying to get things back to normal.

Traditionally, safeguarding data has been both inefficient and expensive for large and small companies alike. Businesses dedicate one-third to one-half of their corporate IT budgets on preventing and recovering from crashes, according to a recent survey from the University of California. In addition, recent figures from market research firm the Gartner Group estimate that 30 to 50 percent of the time, tape backup just does not work.

"Backup has always been the stepchild in the IT department," said Andy Khanna, CEO at Sonasoft. "Meanwhile, the database administrator doesn't want to do the backup because it doesn't challenge the intellect. We want to make sure that if the backup hasn't been done, then the right people are notified."

San Jose, Calif.-based SonaSafe promises a one-click solution to all the problems associated with backup and recovery. "The key differentiators of SonaSafe is that it allows for automated one click rapid recovery of data either to the point of failure or to a point in time without data loss," said Neil Khanna, vice president of operations at Sonasoft. "In addition, the built-in, high-speed compression that we use results in an 80 percent reduction in storage costs related to back-up."

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