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He Said, She Said

In addition to the responses to our multiple-choice questions, we received detailed answers to several open-ended questions. You and your peers spilled your guts on the topics of IT respect, executive-level technology understanding, and projects you're working on for your organization without spending a dime. True to form, your answers were both informative and, shall I say, blunt. Here are just some of the gems.


On the subject of the whether your IT organization is respected within your company, we got some descriptive feedback. One response from a "relaxed" workplace was, "I'll say 'yes' because the general manager respects us, but the rest of the organization is asleep." Shhhhh.

Most felt like royalty and are treated as such: "IT is king. Users respect our ability to help them solve their business problems."

"I am a department of one. People actually bow at times. It is done in humor but it is a sign of respect nonetheless."

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