• 03/20/2014
    12:30 PM
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Greatest Moments In Interop History

The Interop conference is a tradition for IT professionals. We look back on its dramatic growth and how it's changed.
It's hard to believe it's been 26 years since the first commercial Interop conference. Over the years, vendors made splashes with new technologies, Interop grew beyond its Silicon Valley roots, and celebrities like Mr. T joined the action. Here's a look at some of the best moments in Interop's rich history.

The Forerunner

In August 1986, the Internet Advisory Board (now the Internet Architecture Board) and TCP/IP pioneer Dan Lynch worked with DARPA to develop a TCP/IP Vendors Workshop -- what would evolve into Interop.

Figure 1:

Held in beautiful Monterey, Calif., the workshop was designed to bring together TCP/IP protocol designers with equipment vendors. The agenda included sessions on FTP, SMTP, and Telnet.

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Vinton Cerf shows DARPAnet souvenir

The moment I remember at InterOp was when Vinton Cerf held up an 18-inch section of communications cable and said it was part of DARPANet, the original host net to the TCP/IP protocol. I think it was at the 2011 event. It was like viewing an artifact from the StoneAge. OK, maybe the Age of Steam.

Re: Vinton Cerf shows DARPAnet souvenir

That's a cool memory, Charlie. I wonder what the cloud computing history relics will be. Pizza boxes from AWS engineers?