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Google Seeks Partners For Business Software Effort

Google on Thursday plans to unveil a formal partner program that targets solution providers and integrators with expertise in legacy mainframe, government and Microsoft applications.

The goal is to entrench the company's search technology into businesses and open up troves of corporate data heretofore off limits to the search capabilities embedded in the Google Appliance and Google Mini products.

Michael Cizmar, president of MC+A, a Chicago-based portal expert, said his company is a perfect fit.

"Our skill set is around the Microsoft platform, and we're working with Google to develop simple ways to get them into Microsoft SharePoint [sites] and get the content out," Cizmar told CRN.

"The current crawler can't get into those folders. We'll release a WebPart that will allow someone with the search appliance and Google Mini to get in there," he said.

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