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Gold Rush Delayed: No Yukon Until 2005

My life is over. In the past 12 months, I've suffered the loss of Napster and the gentle host and namesake of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Now I have to wait a whole entire year for Yukon! What will I do?

So what is Yukon? Put it this way: If you don't know who Mister Rogers is, you are in the minority. If you don't know what Yukon is, you're not alone.

Yukon is an aptly named upgrade to a popular Microsoft software. Aptly named, because when they release the new software, money (based at one time on the gold standard) will come rushing in.

Fernando Caro of Microsoft told MS users the reason for the delay was "to ensure that the products meet the high-quality requirements of our customers." Did I miss something here? "High-quality"? (For more on the software delay, see "Microsoft: No Yukon, Whidbey Until 2005")

What about the Patch Server they just announced? A high-quality piece of software doesn't require constant patching. Yes, updates and upgrades, but patches have such a nasty connotation. It makes me feel as if I bought something that wasn't quite ready for prime-time.

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