• 01/24/2005
    10:01 PM
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GIPS Launches VoIP-Improvement Module

Global IP Sound releases voice-enhancing software for Internet telephony.
Global IP Sound on Monday released voice-enhancing software for Internet telephony.

The Voice Quality Enhancement 1.0 module is designed to eliminate echo and reduce background noise in voice of Internet protocol communications, officials with the San Francisco company said. All voice-quality problems are addressed in the one product.

"Historically, customers have had to turn to multiple solutions to achieve comprehensive echo cancellation and acceptable voice quality," Roar Hagen, founder and chief technology officer of GIPS, said in a statement. "By combining all of the necessary functionality of individual components into a single, optimized module, GIPS is able to deliver unmatched voice quality in a seamlessly integrated solution."

GIPS VQE 1.0 is compatible with software applications, such as soft phones, and hardware devices, includng IP phones, company officials said. With some modifications, the software can be embedded in carrier gateways and integrated access devices. The module complies with the G.167 standards for acoustic echo cancellation.

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