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Get Ready To Add Video To Your Network

You're probably still in the midst of figuring out how to add voice to your network. Well, hang on to your seats, because another challenge is coming your way -- getting it ready for video as well.

Think you'll never need to add video? Then you better think again. People thought they'd never carry voice on their networks, either.

Technology advances and business necessities are combining to drive this use of enterprise networks for video delivery. Let's start off with technology. Service provider networks are increasingly being built for triple-play services that will deliver TV, telephone and data over the same pipe. That means that enterprises will be able to get that same technology soon, and at increasingly affordable prices.

How about the business end of things? Videoconferencing is actually becoming a reality, and will be more so in the future, not just because it can save on travel, but because virtual face-to-face meetings are more effective than those done via phones. And as instant messaging software incorporates video features, that will trickle into the workplace as well.

Finally, enterprises will eventually recognize that often the best way to get the word out about themselves is via video. Inexpensive hardware and software, and easy-to-use editing tools put the ability to create quality videos into the reach of most large companies. Why settle for sending out press releases, when you can broadcast the news?

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