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Future Disaster Recovery and Preparation

Dear Career Coach:
Our company came through this summer's massive power outage
relatively unscathed, but management and staff are now more concerned than ever about data and physical security. I'd like to take the initiative to ensure we're better prepared for the next disaster, but I'm not sure where to start.
Nervous in New York

Dear Nervous:

Good for you for stepping up to the plate. You and your colleagues are not alone in your concerns: Fifty-eight percent of security professionals and 66 percent of the public say workplace security is too lax, according to a survey by Guardsmark, a New York-based security service. Other findings: Fifty-five percent of security professionals say their companies lack off-site backup facilities, and 45 percent say their companies do not conduct emergency drills.

Use these and other stats to build the business case for data- and physical-security improvements. You'll find Guardsmark's step-by-step guide to assessing risk and steps for implementing an emergency preparedness plan here.

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