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Friday Freebies

Happy Very Snowy Friday!
Today I've got two freebies for you, so sit back and ignore the need to shovel the sidewalk for a while longer and read on...
First is an offering from ThinkFree, who brought us an inexpensive Office Suite.

Today they are offering a mechanism to view Office documents on the Web without client software (i.e. Microsoft Office). This new Web 2.0 service allows bloggers and web creators to publish word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents for people to view exactly as they were originally designed. iCdocs removes the need for converting files into alternate formats that often change the look and layout of the document.

It is available here for your viewing pleasure.

The second freebie of the morning is from VersionOne. It's a free, downloadable team edition of its product, V1: Agile Team. VersionOne???s team edition includes the same features and benefits as the company???s enterprise product, and is best suited for smaller teams beginning to pilot or scale agile software methodologies such as Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, DSDM, or AgileUP.

VersionOne???s latest release also includes support for Microsoft???s .NET 2.0 platform and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.