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Friday Freebie

Today's Friday Freebie comes to you from SpamButcher.

SpamFreeze is a free tool for webmasters, bloggers and anyone else who needs to publish their e-mail address on the web but abhors spam. (Who doesn't?)
SpamFreeze makes your email address invisible to spiders, helping to minimize how much spam you receive. SpamFreeze works by encoding the publisher???s email address within a URL. This URL can be placed on any webpage, blog or online forum where they would like to make their email address available.

When a user clicks the link, they will need to identify a word jumbled within an image to confirm they are not actually a spider collecting addressees for spamming. They are then provided with the publisher???s email address.
SpamFreeze is a completely free service provided by SpamButcher. SpamButcher does not send SpamFreeze users unwanted email, or sell their addresses to third-parties.
Hey, it's free, and it stops spam. What more could you ask for?