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Filling in the Void of Key IT Staffers

Eugene, one of our most knowledgeable and valuable staffers, was really leaving. And there was nothing we could do but wish him the best of luck.

I wasn't angry with Eugene--like many IT people, I've left companies for better opportunities--but I knew replacing him was going to be a bear. As I sat down to discuss the situation with Dirk Packett, our network manager, we found ourselves facing a long list of tasks to keep our department running smoothly.

Replacement Parts

Like most companies, ACME is lean on staffing. We knew it would take time to get approval from human resources to seek Eugene's replacement, and even longer to find someone with enough skills to do the work. So we had to come up with a plan to keep Eugene's position open, fill his shoes on an interim basis and find a replacement as quickly as possible. That plan had to be nailed down before Eugene left so he could help with the transition.

First, we needed a job description. We hadn't been meticulous about keeping our job profiles matched to reality; our outdated description probably would have made candidates laugh. So I asked Dirk to update the profile for Eugene's spot, and I listened while the other IT managers tiptoed past my office, fearful of having to do the same for their own groups. Little do they know I've already drafted an e-mail asking them to do just that.

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