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F5 Offers Integrated Approach To Web Traffic Management

F5 Networks is making over its flagship Big-IP traffic management platform this week with the launch of new software and hardware aimed at securing and improving the performance of Web and legacy applications.

At the heart of Big-IP version 9 is F5's new Traffic Management Operating System, an architecture that integrates features typically offered on multiple devices, including content acceleration, traffic compression, connection optimization, rate shaping, denial-of- service protection, SSL acceleration and an application firewall.

Version 9 also adds bi-directional application flow management in a feature dubbed fast application proxy, which enables the system to monitor a full session between client and server rather than packet by packet, said Erik Giesa, vice president of product management and marketing at F5, Seattle.

"Full proxy is absolutely huge," said David Lesser, president and CTO of Nexum, a security solution provider in Chicago, adding the new platform will help Nexum beef up its business-continuity solutions.

"You can now understand where the traffic is coming from," Lesser said. "If a user connects through dial-up, you can see that it's a low-bandwidth link and decide if you want to compress packets for improved performance."

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