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Enterprise IM Generated $119 Million In 2003

According to analysts the global enterprise instant messaging (IM) market earned revenue of $119 million in 2003. It is a number that will grow, as organizations become more familiar with the security threats posed by public IM systems.

Despite public IM technology's immense popularity among enterprises, it is likely to take second spot behind enterprise IM (EIM) in the long term. Unregulated IM's advantages of lure and reach are expected to lose out to its drawback of security issues.

According to a new report fron Frost & Sullivan, public IM throws up a host of security threats to enterprises. Moreover, with greater emphasis on compliance, it becomes even more necessary to archive and log all IM conversations for auditing purposes.

Although free public IM is flourishing and is projected to do so for the next five years, EIM vendors are likely to break through the market by stepping up efforts to integrate various capabilities and educate end users on the benefits of EIM.

There is huge potential for EIM all over the world. Even though 90 percent of enterprises in North America use some form of IM, the actual penetration of EIM is only 10 percent in the region.

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