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enKoo Offers Remote Access Appliance For 200 Concurrent Users

enKoo, Fremont, Calif., on Monday is expected to introduce a remote-access appliance that allows up to 200 employees to concurrently secure Web-based access to e-mail, files, and applications located on their PC or corporate server.

The device, called the enKoo 3000, is the third in a series of similar products from the company. Prices for the enKoo 3000 range from $3,995 for 25 concurrent users to $9,995 for 200 concurrent users.

What sets this product apart from earlier enKoo introductions are features designed for larger businesses. Specifically, it offers LDAP/MS Active Directory integration, Citrix support, and secure access to MS Terminal Service, including XP SP2 environments. Customers have the option to purchase the Citrix Secure Connector or Terminal Service Secure Connector software. Both software options range in price from $595 for five users to $2,995 for 200 users.

Integration with LDAP/MS allows a company's IT administrator to maintain a single database of users and their profiles, and to interface with industry standard authentication servers. EnKoo's Citrix support enables businesses to use the many-to-one remote access solution without incurring the cost of implementing an IPSec virtual-private network.

Earlier versions of the enKoo device, the enKoo 1000 and enKoo 2000, were introduced in March. The enKoo 1000, which typically is used by companies with 25 or fewer users, has accounted for 60 percent of the company's sales, according to enKoo chief executive officer Ajit Deora. The enKoo 2000 is used by businesses with up to 2,000 users. All told, about 200 enKoo devices have been installed thus far, said Deora.

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