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Employees Spend One Hour Per Day On Personal Internet Use: Survey

A new survey by Accountemps shows that employees spend an average of 56 minutes a day on personal Internet use.

Over 150 senior executives of the nation's top companies were polled and claimed that employees spend too much of their day engaging in non-business related Internet use such as checking sports scores and instant messaging friends.

Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed stated that these activities are not secret because their organizations monitor employee Internet activity somewhat closely. Thirty percent say Internet activity is monitored, although not very often. Only four percent claimed they did not monitor at all.

According to a statement by Accountemps chairman Max Messmer, "Many people are unaware that a permanent record exists of their Internet and e-mail use at work. Most organizations actively monitor web use by employees to ensure it complies with established corporate policy." Messmer added that because of this, employees should familiarize themselves with corporate policy in order to represent their company on a professional level.