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Editor's List: What's Hot and Not in 2004?

Fritz Nelson, Group President and Publisher

  • Hot: graphical keyboards on handhelds
  • Not: graffiti
  • Hot: vendor user conferences
  • Not: big trade shows with dancing parrots
  • Hot:
  • Not: blind dates
  • Hot: IM sex
  • Not: phone sex
  • Hot: utility computing
  • Not: distributed applications

Michael J. DeMaria, Associate Technology Editor

  • Hot: Legal litigation. Monetary inflation is down, but lawyer inflation is up.
  • Not: SCO Jokes. They'll be overplayed and worn out in 3 months max.

Sean Doherty, Technology Editor

  • Hot: Videoconferencing over IP, but it doesn't come with extra bandwidth.
  • Not: Digital Convergence. [Options] "Are we there yet?"; "Wake me up when it's over"; "Play it again, Sam."

Peter Morrissey, Contributing Technology Editor

  • Hot: Open, SIP enabled phone systems and the rich applications that they enable.
  • Not: Locking into VoIP technology masquerading as open, but more proprietary than the legacy phone systems that it replaces.
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