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Dominion Over Remote Offices

Central Solution

Raritan Computer Dominion KSX440

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The Dominion KSX is available in two models: one supports four servers and four serial devices; the other, eight servers and eight serial devices. Everything from Web servers to routers to PBXs are manageable from the Java-based console, regardless of their OSs or applications.

The Dominion uses high-efficiency video compression so that display and control interfaces perform smoothly, even at dial-up speeds. Additionally, Dominion uses 128-bit SSL encryption, and supports TCP/IP, UDP, RADIUS, SNMP, SNTP, DHCP, PAP, CHAP, HTTP and HTTPS. The appliance uses multiple user profiles and event logging to ensure that the environment is controlled with role-based granularity.

Java Headaches

I tested the Dominion KSX in our Real-World Labs® at Syracuse University. To sum up, this is one sweet management tool, but if your browser's Java isn't balanced just right, you'll be endlessly frustrated.

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