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Ditech Debuts Testing To Fine-Tune Carrier Voice Quality

Ditech Communications Corporation has announced a new network advisory program that allows carriers to analyze and fine tune their networks to ensure the delivery of optimal voice quality service.

Recognizing that voice quality is emerging as a significant differentiator in an increasingly competitive telecommunications market, Ditech Communications 's Voice Quality Evaluation Program is designed to allow carriers to identify was to reconfigure or upgrade their networks with better hybrid or acoustic echo cancellation equipment to improve the signal. According to Ditech Communications, the service will provide customers with the data they need to review the quality of voice calls coming into their networks from other providers.

The offering includes a BVP-Flex platform to provide continuous network monitoring of acoustic and hybrid echo. Carriers then work with Ditech Communications staff to identify and assess problem areas and determine how the problems can be addressed and remediated.

"Its clear that service quality drives customer loyalty." Ditech Communications vice president of marketing Chalan Aras said in a statement. "Our voice quality solutions based on the BVP-Flex F400 and F600 voice processing platforms give our customers a distinct competitive advantage by providing a superior voice experience. The BVP-Flex sets the bar for higher voice quality performance and though its upgradeable hardware and software, delivers headroom to serve future needs. The consistently high satisfaction rankings of carriers that have deployed the BVP-Flex are a powerful testament of the versatility and performance of Ditech's voice platforms."