• 05/20/2005
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Distributed Storage: Extending the SAN Over the WAN

Whether you're connecting remote users to a single storage facility or forcing data backups to a central site in a distributed storage environment, you need a strong SAN-over-WAN implementation.
The three basic SAN-over-WAN protocols in widespread use on IP networks are based on the SCSI and Fibre Channel SAN protocols and depend on TCP:

• iSCSI (Internet SCSI) encapsulates the standard SCSI-3 device interface commands in a TCP/IP data flow for transport over the WAN.

• FCIP (Fibre Channel over TCP/IP) encapsulates standard Fibre Channel packets in a TCP/IP data flow. Alternatives can encapsulate Fibre Channel over ATM or other link transports.

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• iFCP (Internet Fibre Channel Protocol) intercepts Fibre Channel packets and spoofs them, replacing them with TCP sessions for transport across IP.

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