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Disc Storage Choices for Archives

While a NetApp filer checks the integrity of each block with
hashes as it's read, it doesn't do it in the background and can't call up a
copy of a locally corrupted block from a remote copy when it finds a problem. Scalability and long term
expansion are also issues as adding drive trays and migrating data every 5-7
years when your vendor will no longer support it aren't great solutions.

The other major player for disk based archiving is Content
Addressable Storage, which uses the hash of each stored object (file, email
message Etc.) as the primary identifier for that object rather than the file's
location as NAS systems do. Contrary to popular belief, CAS systems don't use
full text indexes as their addressing scheme -- just object hashes. In fact, most CAS systems, including EMC's
Centera, Nexsan's Assurion and Caringo's CAStor, don't index their

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