• 06/28/2004
    5:00 PM
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DataMirror Partners With Symbian To Capture Enterprise Mobility Market

Goal is to strengthen relationships with enterprise customers, developers, mobile phone manufacturers.
San Francisco-based DataMirror joined Symbian's Platinum Partner Program to support the market for smartphones using the Symbian operating system. The company's technology is available for handsets that rely on the Symbian industry standard open operating system for smartphones.

According to Gartner, enterprises are expected to deploy 80 percent more mobile applications in the field by the end of this year.

DataMirror's PointBase solutions provide Java-based data storage and synchronization with corporate databases to increase productivity and provide better support to mobile workers.

Company executives said the arrangement with Symbian will lead to "strengthened relationships" with enterprise customers, developers, mobile phone manufacturers, and network operators to increase the adoption of mobile enterprise applications. Also, by having privileged access to the Symbian OS source code, DataMirror will be able to help enterprises effectively manage and deliver data on Symbian OS mobile phones.

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