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The Danger of Web 2.0

Chances are your organization is clamoring to jump on the Web 2.0 bandwagon. Spurred by the popularity of slick applications such as Google Maps that look more like desktop apps than Web sites, Web
2.0-enabling technologies including Ajax and mashups are all the rage
right now.
But the reality is that Web 2.0 and RIA (Rich Internet Applications)
will dramatically change your infrastructure in terms of monitoring,
management, deployment and availability.
The load on both network and back-end servers could become crushing. Security is too often an afterthought, and two of IT's safety nets--standards and interoperability testing--are sorely lacking. You also may find yourself unable to analyze Web site usage by established methods.

That's making smart enterprise IT groups nervous. Read NWC's analysis as we explore the current state of the Web 2.0 market and detail the conditions that must exist to safely move forward with this
next-generation Web technology.

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