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Daily Spin: Catching Up With Windows Vista

The Big Picture
Catching up With Windows Vista

We've been tracking the progress of Windows Vista for months now. But with Microsoft recently announcing the full product lineup for Vista, it feels like we've hit an important milestone.

According to Microsoft,there will be six different versions of Windows Vista when the new operating system ships late this year. To begin with, there will be three consumer versions and two business versions of Windows Vista. A final version, dubbed Windows Vista Starter, will target low-cost PCs and emerging markets. Overall, Microsoft has decided to wrap versions around core business and consumer functionalities, expanding each grouping to include more features.

For enterprise users, the choice comes down to Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Enterprise. The Business version includes a new user interface, Windows Aero, featuring a transparent glass design and 3D desktop navigation features. Other key desktop advances include better-integrated search functionality and built-in Tablet PC functionality including handwriting recognition. The Enterprise version adds features for rolling out large numbers of desktops across an enterprise, including Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption for securing data; Virtual PC Express for managing and running legacy applications; and Subsystem for Unix-based Applications enabling users to run UNIX apps unchanged on a Vista machine.

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