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Contingency For Catastrophe

Even days after Katrina blew through the Gulf Coast states, it is still hard to comprehend the immense devastation she caused. There really aren't words to describe the wrenching horror she left in her wake. So much beauty, inside of New Orleans and beyond, has been torn to shreds by wind and water.As someone who spent days without power in 2003 after Hurricane Isabel, I cannot fathom what life is like for those who face weeks, months, and in so many cases years of recovery time. Power is out, phone service is gone, and telecom companies are struggling to restore service. Businesses are calling on IT backup service providers for help.

This is a good time for companies in other parts of the country to reassess their own contingency plans. And likewise, individuals should consider what they would do in the event of catastrophe - whether it be a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or some other devastation.

And it is also a good time to support those in Gulf as they begin the long process of rebuilding, whether it is financially or through good thoughts. So many people have lost so much. The south needs us now more than ever.