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Comply Or Fry?

Much has been written and said recently about Sarbanes Oxley and other major regulatory initiatives that hold corporate executives accountable for lapses in judgment that result in harm to stockholders. To date, the focus of most efforts to spread the gospel of compliance and adherence to governance standards has been on line of business managers and the folks in finance.

Notwithstanding the fact that there are a slew of new products and services that offer technological solutions to SarBox, HIPAA, et al, most corporate technologists think governance is, for the most part, someone else's problem. How do I come to this conclusion?

I had an opportunity last week to chat with several senior IT execs at a network technology roundtable hosted by a PR firm in Washington DC. I posed the following question to several of them:

Is compliance with regulations something you really care about?

The answer was a universal yes. As corporate citizens, there was a strong sense of duty to help their organizations do the right thing. However, when I followed up with the question:

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