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Is Cisco's WLAN Vulnerable?

The second vulnerability involves the recently released "asleap" computer-intrusion tool, which facilitates offline dictionary attacks on passwords used with Cisco's proprietary LEAP security protocol. Cisco should have been able to predict the emergence of this vulnerability, given the design of LEAP. Cisco's public "solution," encouraging customers to use sound password policies, rings hollow.

Today, Cisco's market leadership is bolstered by the tactical nature of most enterprise WLAN implementations, a loyal customer base that sees other solutions as risky and an access point with modular radios that has a well-deserved reputation for delivering rock-solid reliability.

Cisco can't afford to rest on these market advantages. Competition from other well-funded and well-managed WLAN system vendors is intense, and the company knows it. Now is the time for Cisco to deliver on its promised WLAN enhancements.