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Cisco's Riches Helping Less Fortunate

In this era of seemingly unending headlines about rampant corporate greed, it's good to hear about efforts like Cisco Systems' campaigns to help the citizens of Jordan and Afghanistan help themselves.

On behalf of the company, CEO John Chambers was recognized earlier this week for Cisco's programs in Jordan and Afghanistan, which mainly focus on education.

As reported by Dan Lee of the San Jose Mercury News, Chambers said the company's programs are designed to address the root causes of political and economic instability. "You're not going to have stability in the Middle East until you have economic health in the middle class," Chambers said.

Take Me Out To The Wi-Fi Enabled Ballgame

There's been an entertaining point-counterpoint taking place over at our Mobile Pipeline
Web site, where Fred Paul and Dave Haskin are debating the merits of having Wi-Fi access at San Francisco's SBC (the ballyard formerly known as Pac Bell) Park.

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