• 07/13/2011
    9:22 AM
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Cisco Unveils New Security To Thwart 'Targeted' Attacks

Cisco Systems, which reported recently that mass spam email attacks on computer users are being replaced with more sophisticated, targeted attacks, has introduced a new security technology to thwart those attacks. At its Cisco Live conference, the company unveiled Cisco IronPort Outbreak Filters, which, when spotting a suspicious email containing what might be a malware link, rewrites the link to direct it to a Cisco security tool that will determine if it is malware and, if so, block it.

These new targeted attacks go after specific individuals whom cyber criminals have profiled based on publicly available information online, including on social networking sites, he says. To reporters, Edwards detailed the case of a high net worth Brazilian businessman, whose identity he concealed. The businessman was targeted with an email with specific personal information about him in order to make him think the sender was legitimate.

"We’re all IT professionals; we may not fall for this, but the bad guys are smart enough to go after people they think are susceptible," Edwards said at the news conference.

Enhanced email controls in BCE allow senders to recall an email recently sent, obtain a receipt that the recipient actually read a message and set an expiration date to delete an email if the recipient hasn’t done so on his or her own. The automatic user identification feature uses the security assertion markup language (SAML) email security standard that leverages a recipient's corporate identity to allow only that person to decrypt an email intended for him or her.

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