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Cisco IP/MPLS Speeds Service Provider Interoperability

Cisco today announced Internet Protocol Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) capabilities that allow service providers to work with each other and combine the capabilities of their individual networks, as a way to offer new services to their business customers.

The new solution is aimed at helping service providers build MPLS networks across differing service provider networks. Cisco claims that services providers that use the new solutions will be able to deliver increased resiliency, multicast-based services such as streaming video, and extended virtual-private-network (VPN) technologies to enterprise customers.

Service provider interoperability helps deliver increased voice, video and data services at enterprise remote locations, as well as simplified network management capability, and service-level agreements (SLAs).

The new interprovider capabilities include:

  • Inter-Autonomous System (Inter-AS) Multicast VPN
  • Inter-AS Traffic Engineering
  • Interprovider MPLS VPN over IP
  • MPLS VPN Inter-AS/Carrier Supporting Carrier(CSC) Load Balancing
  • Interprovider Network Management Services

The Cisco Interprovider capabilities are shipping now in Cisco IOS Software releases 12.0(29)S and 12.0(30)S.