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How She Got Here:
• 1987 to 1994: Vice president, human resources and operations, Boston University Medical Center
• 1980 to 1987: Vice president, human resources, Beverly Hospital/Northeast Health Systems
Mouthing Off:
If only I had a bigger IT budget, I would: "Test more and run parallel operations longer."
Greatest business challenge for Children's: "Continuing to ensure money doesn't become a barrier to top-notch patient care and cutting-edge research."
Chief difference between Children's and other hospitals: "The focus, the intensity and the number of people who are the best in their fields."
I love technology when: "I feel like I can zoom through work."
I hate technology when: "The network is down, a program is stuck or slow, and I am trapped."
If I could do this project over, I would: "Better prepare the organization for the impact of the new system."
My next career: "Retirement, I hope."
When I retire, I will: "Be a full-time llama farmer and a specialist in exotic fibers."

Role: Chief Technology Officer
At Work: Leads five-year strategic IT planning; enforces technology standardization; oversees capital and operating budgets for major clinical, financial and research applications

At Home: 37 years old. Married, no children

Alma Mater: University of Texas, San Antonio, B.S. in computer science

How he Got Here:

• 1996 to 1998: Director of IT, Stony Brook University

• 1984 to 1996: Various positions including chief of IS operations, Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

Mouthing Off:

Toughest moment during PeopleSoft project: "Stepping in after the resignation of a fellow IT director who had primary responsibility for technical oversight of the PeopleSoft project."

Boss horror story: "I once destroyed several gigabytes of my boss's personal file share in trying to back up the data for a presentation he was about to give."

Greatest technical challenge for PeopleSoft implementation: "Maintaining a balance of getting incumbent technical staff up to speed while keeping consultant resource spending under control."

If I could change one thing about the IT organization, I would: "Keep all staff collocated. Having IT staff spread out in various locations away from the community they serve has a significant impact on our ability to meet their needs."

The chief difference between the Children's IT organization and your average IT organization: "The support from executive management at Children's Hospital has been greater than at any other organization I've ever worked in."

Worst high-tech invention ever: OS/2 Warp.

Why I'd take a CTO job over a CIO job any day: "The CIO takes a significant beating from unsatisfied users. That's not to say that the complaints don't ultimately come my way, but the buck stops with the CIO

Role: M.D. Chief Information Officer

At Work: Oversees IT operation and treats pediatric endocrinology patients

At Home: 37 years old. Married, two sons. Hobbies include electronic music, soccer and cycling

Alma Mater: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. in medical informatics; American Board of Pediatrics, board certification, pediatric endocrinology; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, M.D. Johns Hopkins University, B.A. in biophysics