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Check Your Local Listings: Tivo Recorders Could Be Flummoxed By Daylight-Saving Switch

TiVo is warning customers who use its digital video boxes to record hit shows like 24 and Grey's Anatomy that their viewing may be interrupted by the early switch to daylight-saving time this weekend unless they make some adjustments.

The company says the internal software on its DVRs won't automatically spring ahead on Sunday to account for the fact that daylight-saving time arrives three weeks early this year thanks to new federal energy legislation.

As a result, users who've set their boxes to manually record shows on a certain time and date need to roll back the recording time by one hour between March 11 and April 1, when daylight-saving time would ordinarily have kicked in. If they don't, they may find themselves watching a Fox News anchor instead of Jack Bauer on Monday night.

However, TiVo says the problem only arises when users manually set their box to record by time and date. If they input a specific show title, TiVo's central servers will figure out the correct time to start recording.

TiVo also warned that its Series 1 boxes will display the wrong time if not reset after the changeover to daylight-saving time.

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