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Channel Change Clarification

I'd like to congratulate you on your terrific work. Network Computing is by far my most valuable periodical in general, and the Real-World Labs® evaluations in particular are right on target.

However, the article "Why Not Cisco?" (May 11) leaves the misimpression that Meru is a single-channel solution, which isn't the case. For a dense deployment, one can run multiple Meru APs and use the bandwidth on all three channels.

It's true that a set of APs using a particular channel appear as a single AP to the client. However, another set of APs in the same area can be configured to use a different channel. This is an important aspect of the Meru architecture. Otherwise one would have to be skeptical that a single-channel solution could possibly deliver the same total bandwidth as an old-fashioned "fat AP" architecture.

Tom Zeller
Telecommunications Technical Analyst
Indiana University
[email protected]

Dave Molta replies: If we left the impression that Meru was limited to a single radio channel, we apologize. In fact, we highlighted some of its multichannel capabilities in a recent story written by Frank Bulk on dense Wi-Fi deployments. Although Meru chose not to participate in our recent enterprise WLAN evaluation, we are testing Meru products in our labs and plan to report those results in the near future.

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