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CEO Minute: SMARTS' Dr. Shaula Alexander Yemini

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  • Question #1: Please give us your one minute elevator speech on IT service management.

  • Question #2: How do I know if I should attempt to put an IT services management solution in place? Are there size or capacity indicators that make an organization ripe for this service?
  • Question #3: Is there ever a time when it's better for an enterprise to take a best of breed or single-vendor approach to IT services management?
  • Question #4: What do you hear from your customers and potential customers about what's pushing them the most right now. compliance or the need for improved control, etc.?
  • Question #5: What are the key components needed to determine an IT services management vendor's viability and the ability to innovate?
  • Question #6: And now, a little about Dr. Shaula Alexander Yemini.