• 04/17/2007
    9:00 PM
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CEO Eric Schmidt Presents Google's Friendly Face At Web 2.0 Expo

The DoubleClick acquisition, Schmidt said, will benefit both Internet users in the form of more relevant ads and publishers in the form of technology to serve relevant ads.
At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco Tuesday morning, Google CEO Eric Schmidt presented his company as everyone's friend, an enabler of communities and an amiable business partner rather than a would-be monopolist of advertising, online software, and user data.

Google's capacity for evil, or at least monopolistic dominance of the Internet, has long been a concern raised by competitors and pundits, not to mention human rights and privacy activists.

But Google is having to defend itself with renewed vigor following reports of anti-trust concerns raised by two former monopolies, AT&T and Microsoft, in the wake of Google's planned acquisition of DoubleClick.

In a public interview with John Battelle, co-chair of the Web 2.0 Expo and CEO of Federated Media Publishing, Schmidt explained his company's rationale for adding online presentation capabilities to Google Docs & Spreadsheets. "We've concluded that collaboration is the killer app for the way communities work," he said.

Schmidt denied that Google's Web-based productivity suite competed with Microsoft Office. Google Docs "does not have all the functionality, nor is it intended to have all the functionality, of Micorosoft Office," he said.

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