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Cell Phones for the "Young at Heart"

A few years back my seventy-something year old mom asked if I would help her buy a cell phone. She wanted just in case of emergencies (to reach a family member or authorities). I tried to find her the simplest one I could--a very bare bones Nokia model. A week later, she handed it back to me.

Like a lot of multimedia technology, cell phones can be a challenge to some seniors. Small buttons and an overabundance of features prove way too confusing. But the BBC reports that Austrian based Emporia is producing a wireless device to appeal to the older generation. The Life phone has extra large buttons, louder volume for the hearing-impaired and an orange backlight to help users with poor eyesight. It also comes with a stronger vibrate feature. Best of all, the rear of the phone has a big red button that can be pressed to call an emergency number.

The new phone debuts in Europe this May. With luck, I know what I'll be getting Mom for Christmas this year.