• 04/27/2007
    4:15 PM
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Cell Phones: The Inconvenient Truth

Could your handheld device be a danger to the environment?
Man, cell phones just can't catch a break these days, can they? Recently we wrote how frantic scientists are theorizing that cell phone radiation could be responsible for the drop-off in the global bumblebee populations. Now, our little portables are getting the rap for even more ecological shenanigans.

New Scientist Tech reports that a study at University of California, Irvine, indicates that old cell phones dumped into landfills could be leaking zinc, copper, nickel and other pollutants into the groundwater supplies. The only solution, the researchers point out, is total phone redesigns that eliminate the harmful chemicals.

Right--because we've had so much success with getting car manufacturers to try alternative fuels, cigarette makers to reduce nicotine and fast food joints to dump the transfats. Face it, we're doomed. Hopefully, the Dung beetles will have better luck in six million years.

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