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Caymas Releases Identity-Driven Gateways

Caymas Systems has released a series of identity-driven access gateways, which allow enterprises to enable, control, secure, and audit internal and external access to enterprise data and applications by using the unique identity of users, devices, and resources.

The devices can be deployed for remote and mobile user access, business partner extranet access, and internal LAN access control.

The gateways can enforce differentiated access policies, integrate end-to-end application level security from the desktop to the application, and provide fine-grained auditing and logging of all activity for regulatory and legal compliance.

The Caymas 220, 318, and 525 gateways are designed to solve a serious set of security and access problem dogging enterprises. Enterprises need to open up their networks and share information assets with partners, and to enable employees access to corporate resources wherever they are located - but that opens up the network infrastructure to security attacks. Additionally, businesses are increasingly required to effectively track how information is being used for regulatory and legal compliance. IT departments frequently are forced to piece together solutions composed of separate, sometimes mismatched parts, including of application level and departmental firewalls, VPN devices, IDS systems, DMZ data replication, web access and identity management, and homegrown application retooling.

Caymas claims that the gateways solve the problem by being all-in-one access and security solutions.

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